What Should You Outsource on Your Blog

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What Should You Outsource on Your Blog

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Time is money. Well, sort of, because that’s only partly true. If you still have a regular job working for the man, then you really are trading hours for dollars. You could be paid a salary or you could be paid an hourly wage, but you are effectively selling your time to your employer. That’s the “normal” way to make a living and, as you may have figured out, the dot com lifestyle is anything but normal.

All the Time in the World?

The truth of the matter is that money is theoretically limitless whereas the hours that you have are inherently limited. They’re finite. You only have so many hours in the day and you only have so many days on this planet. This does not mean that your earning potential is finite, because you can outsource so many of your regular tasks out to someone else to do, freeing up your time to spend it in much more enjoyable and fruitful ways.

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