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SSC English Second Paper Dinajpur Board 2017

SSC English Second Paper
Dinajpur Board 2017
1.  Fill in the gaps.

(the) (or) (of) (forward) (friend) (in) (for) (entire) (appreciate)

Gratefulness is (a)… …acknowledgement and (b)….   of help received from others. In the society we cannot do all things. Sometimes we need the help (c)….     others. We are (d)…. …dependent on the society. A man may be in danger (e)…. … in problem at nay time. It is a natural instinct in man to come (f)…. to help the needy because of his fellow feeling (g)…. and    kinship. Gratefulness comes from (h)…. … depth of heart and finds its manifestation (i)….    books words and deeds of the grateful man. The grateful man feels highly obliged (j)….…. the benefit he has received.

(a)      Conscious (b) punishment (c) both (d) for (e) development (f) fear (g) punishes (h) is (i) to (j) develop

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
Trees are (a)….…. to man in many ways. They provide us (b)………. oxygen without which we cannot live more than a few minutes. They supply (c)….   with vitamin and food give us shade and help to (d)….      drought and flood. Unfortunately, we cannot realize (e)….…. importance of trees. We cut them (f) ….….      in large numbers (g)…. …. it is a suicidal attempt. (h)…. ….      we do not stop (i)…. ….     acts soon our country will no doubt turn (j)….  a desert.  

Answer: 2
(a)      male (b) division (c) accordingly     (d)succeed/prosper  (e)otherwise (f)repent (g) have (h) from (i) to (j) but

3.  Make five meaningful sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.

The real freedom     

It is a fruit that
Freedom from foreign domination 




raise themselves to achieve it.
freedom from want disease and ignorance.
descend upon a people automatically.
an old idea.
be earned before it can be enjoyed.

Answer: 3
     (i) But all foods are not safe for us.
      (ii)No living beings can live without food.
     (iii)The food we eat have a great effect on ou
     (iv)About 80% of our illness is related to the foods
              we eat.
       (v)The scientists have taken enormous steps in    
           preparing food.

4.  Complete the following text with right form of verbs given in the box. you can use one verb more than once.

(dissuade) (carry) (go) (employ) (work) (address) (forbid) (do) (be)
Child labor has (a)  .. .. .. .. in internationally by the UN. To make a child (b)  .. .. .. ..    the work that is suitable for a man is punishable. Yet in the third world countries ‘the number of child labor (c) .. .. .. .. up day by day. Bangladesh(d)  .. .. .. ..  nod of these countries. Though government is committed to (e) .. .. .. ..  rich people to engage children in laborious work things are not so easy. Poverty (f) .. .. .. .. the first impediment in this field. The poor parents want to get additional earning by (g) .. .. .. .. their children in work. Many children (h) .. .. .. .. at different sectors no. But this should not be (i) .. .. .. .. on. We should immediate (j) .. .. .. .. this problem.

Answer: 4
(a) been forbidden (b) do (c) is going (d) is (e) dissuade (f) is (g) employing (h) are working (i) carried (j) address  

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.
“My sons, listen to me. A great treasure lies hidden in the land. I am going to leave it to you.” “How will you we find it?” said the sons. “You must dig the land for it, “said the old.

Answer: 5
The old man ordered his sons to listen to him and said that a great treasure lay hidden in the land. He added that he was going to leave that to them. The sons asked their father how they would find that. The old man replied that they had to big the land for that.

6. Change the sentences according to directions.

 (a) We are grateful to the freedom fighters. (Make it a
           negative sentence)
(b)Their contribution is greater than any other
          thing. (Make it positive)
(c) The freedom fighters who died in the liberation war
          are called martyrs. (Make it a compound sentence)
(d) The National Memorial has been built with a view to  
          paying tribute to their memories. (Make it a
           complex sentence)                                                                                                                      

(e) Afreedom fighter is the greatest son of the soil.
         (Make it comparative sentence)

Answer: 6

(a)                     We are not ungrateful to the freedom fighters.

(b)                    No others thing is  as great as their contribution.

(c)                     The freedom fighters died in the liba
 aeration war and they are called martyrs.

(d)                    The National memorial has been build so that    we can pay tribute to their memories.
(e)                     A freedom fighter  

7. Complete the sentences.

(a)It is said that     .
(b)In youth the mind is so soft that     .
(c) If we lose the morning hours of life      .
(d)We will reap good harvest     .
(e) On the other hand if we remain lazy      .

Answer: 7

8.Complete the text adding suffixes prefixes or the both with the root words given in the brackets .

Life without leisure and (a)      (relax) is dull.Life becomes (b)         (charm)if one does not have any time to enjoy the  (c)       (beauty) objects of nature .(d)       (monotony )  work hinders the (e)         (smooth)of work .Leisure (F)      (rich)our spirit to work. Everyday knows that (g)       (work)  is (h)       (harm).Leisure does not mean (i)     (idle). It gives freshness to (j)      (create)our energy.


9. Make tag questions of these statements .

(a)Time and tide wait for none      ?

(b)Unfortunately many of us waste our time   ?

(c)None can prosper in life without utilizing time                 properly     ?

(d)So everybody should realize this truth      ?

(e) Let  s make the best use of time     ?


10.Complete the passage using suitable connectors .

Globalization is a term (a)      is commonly used by man .(b)     it is a process of expanding trade and commerce allover the world creating a border less market .(c)     
Global development we have conquered the time (d)     distance .(e) we can learn what is happening in the farthest corn of the world.


11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text .

Why are you putting up the food in your pocket why don t you eat asked the noble man i am doing the right thing replied sheikh saadi.



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