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SSC English 1st Paper Model Question Sylhet Cadet college- Sylhet Test Exam 2018

Sylhet Cadet college- Sylhet
Part A: Reading Test (50 marks)
 Read the following passage and answer the questions below:
In the primitive age communications took place between humans through signs and gestures. As humans began to use their vocal chords, these silent gestures were no longer used as the primary means of communication. But they did not completely disappear. They evolved as a form of art, used to entertain thousands, and came to be known as ‘mime’. Mime touched a little boy’s heart while he was watching a performance in his village. He was so fascinated by the show that he was determined  to master this art. He is no other than Partha Pratim Majumder, who won the world’s highest award in mime-  Moliere Award. Partha is undoubtedly a forerunner in the field of mime in Bangladesh. He started as a musician and his keen sense of rhythm helped him to let his limbs move and express his surroundings through gestures. Partha Pratim Majumder is the first Bangladeshi to take up mime as a profession. He performed in a number of television shows in Bangladesh and gained popularity. In his mime, Majumder depicted the day-to-day life of the people. There was sadness, tears as well as happiness and laughter. Majumder’s turning point of life came in 1979, when he was asked to give a solo performance in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. The then French ambassador Loic Moreau happened to be among the audience. Mr. Moreau noticed the talent in Majumder.  In 1981, the French Government offered him a scholarship so that he could get professional training in mime. This was the first time that a student was granted a  French scholarship in mime. Majumder started his training under the legendry maestro, Etiene Decroux. Through Decroux, he met another celebrated mime artist named Marcel Marceau.  Marceau has transformed modern mime by taking it to an unimaginable height. Marceau was very impressed by the Bangladeshi young talent and offered him a place in his school for mime, named ‘Ecole Internationale de Mimodrame de ParisMarcel Marceau’. This school is the biggest and the best in the world. During his three years training period, Majumder practiced 16-18 hours daily till each and every bone in his body would feel like breaking.
After his time with Marceau, there was no looking back for Majumder. He staged solo performances in England, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy and the USA. French, Canadian and American TV channels enthusiastically aired his shows.
1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives.

(a) Before the use of speech, communication took place through- language.
(i) Written
(ii) sing
(iii) spoken
 (b) In what from the silent gestures evolved into?
(i)  drama and dance
(ii)  cinema
(iii)  mime

(c) In order times the actors who performed mime used to put white paint on their-.
(i) limbs
(ii) body
(iii) face

(d) In the sentence “it touched a little boy’s heart while he was watching a performance in his village.” Here ‘touched’ means
 (i) appealed
(ii) taught
(e) Humans used a few words as the primary means of-
(i) interaction
(ii) discussion
(iii) conversation

(f) Partha Partim Majumder is among the first few who performed mime in-
(i) Bangladesh
(ii) India
(iii) Pakistan

(g)The turning point in Majumder’s life is when he-
(i) received education 
(ii) performed mime
(iii) got award
1. Answer:
(a) (ii) sign
(b) (ii) mime
(c) (iii) face
(d) (i) appealed
(e) (iii) conversation
(f) (i) Bangladesh
(g) (ii) performed mime

2. Answer the following questions.
(a) What is mime?
(b) What helped Partha to express himself clearly while performing mime?
(c) What did he use to describe through his performance at the beginning?
(d) Why was the French ambassador impressed when he saw Majumder’s performance?
(e) How Majumder managed to achieve the highest award in mime?
2. Answer:
(a) Mime is an art. It is the use of movements of one’s hands or body and the expressions on one’s face to tell a story or to act something without speaking.
(b) Partha’s Keen sense of rhythm as a musician helped him to let his limbs move and express his surroundings through gestures while performing mime.
(c) At the beginning he used to depict the day to day life of the people-their sadness and tears as well as happiness and laughter through his performance.
(d) The French ambassador was impressed by his talent as a mime artist while he was enjoying a solo performance of Partha in Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy. 
(e) Partha managed to achieve highest award in mime- Moliere Award by virtue of his indomitable determination, hard work and perseverance.

3. Fill in each gaps with a suitable word based on the information of the text.
Partha is considered a forerunner in the (a)____ of mime in Bangladesh. He (b)____ as a musician and his keen sense of rhythm (c)_____ him greatly in this arena. Now (d)____ is an art all over the country. It should have great (e)____ in artistic sense.
3. Answer:
(a) field
(b) started
(c) helped
(d) mime
(e) acceptability
Read then following passage and answer the questions no.4-5
In our country, the majority cannot still consider men and women on equal terms. Women are treated either with feeling of compassion or they are deprived of their rights, sometimes without even realization? Of course, there are exceptional cases. But it is those who cause the problem have to be dealt with. Ignorance, and very frequently, illiteracy, among our huge population is the main reason behind this type of attitude. It is true, of course, that as a general rule, girls, whether from poor or rich families are much loved and cared for by the father and brothers.
But, all girls are not fortunate enough to receive proper education and other such essential facilities from their families. Most of us have the idea that firstly, girls are less intelligent then boys and secondly, they are not permanent family members. Since after marriage girls, naturally, leave their parents’ house for the in-law’s, some parents, despite their sincere love for their daughters think it quite unwise and useless to spend for the female children’s betterment. Of course, in these days of quarrels, divorce and death (of the husband) some parents believe education is an insurance, allowing the ‘wife’ to earn her own  living as divorcee or window. We also need to remember that women’s rights are often denied by another woman. We first have to make these women aware of the great harm they are doing. In the matter of attitude women need to face men folk with the expectation of being treated rightly-as a woman, Respect and care. Let not either gender be poor in generosity.

4. Complete the table below with information from the passage.
Gender discrimination

are liable for gender discriminating attitude

Prohibits girls from enjoying essential facilities
Narrow attitude towards girls

(a) treated with a feeling of compassion and deprived of their rights
(b) ignorance and illiteracy
(c) drop out from school and fail to flourish talent
(d) Male member
(e) denies women’s rights and cause great harm to the society
 5. Write a summary of the above passage in not more than 55 to 65 words.
5. Answer:
Females are almost half of the population of our country. But the majority of the people do not consider both men and women on equal terms. Disparity between men and women are often treated with a feeling of compassion and so they are deprived of their legitimate rights. This is due to ignorance and illiteracy of the people that this type of attitude still prevails in our country. In spite of having potentials, a girl is married off early. As a result, she has to devote herself in doing house hold chores and cannot think of a better life receiving education. It is a fact that a women rights are often denied by another woman. However, women should be treated with respect and care.

6. Match the parts of sentence given in column A, B and C make five complete sentences.
Column A
Column B
A good student writes

(i) long answer will bring good marks
(b) But most of our students
(ii) through the answer script
(c) It is a silly but popular notion that
(iii) his own methods of studies
(d) We want to find a student’s knowledge creating capacity etc.
(iv) is not good
(e) A long irrelevant answer
(v) become a boring thing to us

(vi) his answer to the points

(vii) do not write answers to the point and fairly

6. Answer:
(a+iv) A good student writes his answers to the point.
(b+vii) But most of our students do not write answer to the point and fairly.
(c+i) It is silly but popular notion that long answer will bring good marks.
(d+ii) We want to find a student’s knowledge, creating capacity etc. through the answer becomes a boring thing to us.

7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to rewrite the whole story.
(a) Socrates could not tolerate this
(b) One day the women became furious than ever.
(c) She thought that her husband was not paying the least heed to her.
(d) She began to insult him.
(e) Socrates’ wife used to lose her temper on the slightest excuse.
(f) So he went out of his room.
(g) She went up to him with a bucket full of water and poured much water on him.
(h) This made his wife much furious
7. Answer:



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