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SSC English 1st Paper Model Question Rangpur Cadet Collage-Rangpur Test Exam 2018

Model 5
Rangpur Cadet Collage-Rangpur
Part A: Reading Test (50 marks)
“Today there are many jobs where you need English. This is because the world has become smaller. Vast distances are shortened by speedy transport. We can talk to a person thousands of kilometres away on the phone or the Internet. So we can communicate with the whole world easily. English has made this communication easier.There are many countries in the world with many languages, but to communicate with them, you cannot speak all the languages. So you need a common language that you can use with more or less all the people in the world. English is that common language. You can talk to a Chinese toy maker, a French artist, an Arab ambassador or a Korean builder in one language —English. English for us in Bangladesh is all the more important. As we have seen earlier, we are too many people in a small country. So if you learn English, you have the best opportunity to find a good job, both within and outside the country. And that is good news for millions of our unemployed youths.” “But Miss, we learn English for 12 or 14 years, yet we do not find good jobs, “ says Rumi. She then tells the class about what happened to her brother. “Could you please tell us why?” Rumi asks. “This is a very important question, Rumi. We should learn how to use English both orally and in writing for doing things as needed in our work, such as communicating with others at personal, social, national and international levels. But unfortunately, at the moment we are learning English mainly for our exams,” continues Miss Choudhury. “Remember, English can greatly help you become skilled workforce.” “But where and how can we learn this kind of English, Miss?” asks Ratan. Ms Choudhury says, “We can learn this communicative English both in and outside the classroom. Side by side with your textbook, the radio, television, newspapers, magazines, computers and other supplementary materials will greatly help you. And during our classroom activities, we’ll see how we can learn this English.” 1. Choose the correct answer from the alternatives.
(a) English is a—for all nation
(i)lingua fraca
(ii) not essential
(iii) fake
(iv) genuine
(b) English is a—language.
(i) national
(ii) native
(iii) global
(iv) domestic
(c) Whole refers to—
(i) complete
(ii) semi-complete
(iii) fractional 
(iv) part
(d) The word “unfortunately” in the passage is a/an—
(i) adverb
(iii) noun
(iv) proper noun
(e) We can manage a good job by learning—
(i) English
(ii) France
(iii) Bangla
(iv) Arabic
(f) Basically, global village means—
(i) easy interaction among the people of the countries of the world
(ii) interaction among us
(iii) communication among the three countries
(iv) communication among our nation
(g) All the books of higher education are written in—
(i) English
(iv) Bangla
1. Answer:
(a) (i) lingua franca
(b) (iii) global
(c) (i) complete
(d) (i) adverb
(e) (i) English
(f) (i) easy interaction among the people of the countries of the world
(g) (i) English

2. Answer the following questions.
(a) Why is common language needed for international communication?
(b) Where is English used?
(c) Why do you learn English?
(d) What problems do you find in learning English?
(e) What steps should be taken to improve our English?
2. Answer:
(a) A common language is needed for international communication because the people of the world speak different languages. So to communicate with them we need a common language.
(b) English is used all over the world.
(c) We learn to English to communicate with the people of the other countries of the world as well as to get good job.
(d) As English is our second language we find it difficult to learn. 
(e) According to the passage we can learn English both inside and outside of classrooms. Besides textbooks, radio, TV, newspaper, magazines, computer and other supplementary materials can greatly help us to improve our English.  

Read the following passage and answer the question no.3
Education is one of the basic needs of a human being and is essential for any kind of development. The poor socio economic condition of Bangladesh can be largely attributed to most people’s inaccessibility to education. If they were educated, they could have a healthy and planned life. Education teachers us know to earn well and how to spend well. It enables us to make the right choices in life and to perform our duties properly. In enhances out our social responsibilities. It is only education which can helps us adopt a rational provides us with an enlightened awareness about things and awareness is the prerequisite for social development. 

3. Fill in each gap with a suitable word based on the information of the text.
Education is (a)_____ is one of the basic needs of a human being. Without (b)_____ education man cannot exactly decide what he has to do for as batter life (c)_____ from the curse of poverty, malnutrition and diseases. In fact, education (d)_____darkness and creates (e)_____ with regard to personal needs and duties to the society as well.
3. Answer:
(a) considered/regarded
(b) proper
(c) free
(d) removes
(e) awareness
Read the following passage to answer the questions no. 4-5.
Jamal Nazrul Islam was born on Jan 24, 1939 in Jhenidha city of British India. He was raised in Kolkata along with his family. He studied Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics from Calcutta University. He passed his Senior Cambridge at present O-Levels and his Higher Senior Cambridge at present A-Levels from Lawrence Collage in Marit, West Pakistan. He graduated with an honors degree again from Trinity College in Cambridge. He got his Honors and Masters in Functional Mathematics and Theoretical physics from the Cambridge University and was later awarded Doctorate (PhD) in physics. Dr Islam worked in the institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge from 1967 to 1971. He was also a faculty member at the king’s Collage (London) from 1973-74 following his research in the California Institute of Technology and Washington University. He was also a faculty at the City University of London from 1978-84.
In 1984, he returned to Bangladesh and joined the Chattogram University and later retired from there. In 1971 he had written to the prime Minister to England to influence to halt Pakistani Army attacks on East Pakistan, now Bangladesh.  He wrote numerous books to cheer research conducted in Bengali. He was bestowed the one of uppermost award of Bangladesh, Ekushey Padak in 2001. For his exploration of science in mother tongue Bengali. He acknowledges the Bangladesh Science Academy Gold Medal in personal life he was an ardent Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore fan and spoke Bangla with a perfect accent. He never liked to use computer and calculator for his scientific research. Bangla Academy has published some of his popular science books and they were bestsellers.

4. Complete the table below with information from the passage.
Where/ What
When/ Why
Jamal Nazrul Islam
was brought up (a)….
served in the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy in Cambridge
worked in Chattogram University
In 2001.
in his research work.

(i) Jhenaidah
(ii) on 24 January 1939
(iii) from 1967 to 1971
(iv) received Ekushey Padak
(v) reluctant to use computer and calculator

5. Write a summary of the above passage in your own words.
5. Answer:
Jamil Nazrul Islam was born in Jhenaidah, Bangladesh. He spent his childhood in Kolkata with his family. He obtained his bachelor degree in Mathematics from Calcutta University. He also studied at Cambridge University. He again did his graduation from Trinity College in Cambridge. He did his honours and masters in Functional Mathematics and Theoretical Physics from Cambridge University. He was awarded Doctored (PhD) in Physics. He did he research in Kind’s College and City university London. He returned to Bangladesh in 1984 and joined Chittagong University. He wrote many books in Bengali. He received the Bangladesh Science Academy Gold Medal in 1985.
6. Match the parts of sentence given in column A, B and C make five complete sentences.
Column A
Column B
(a)Reckless driving   
(i) give them license without any training   
(b) Without   training
(ii) gives death license of many innocent people  
(c) A group of corrupt employees of BRTC  
(iii) are the mere rules written in the page   
(d) This invalid license
(iv) has become a common affair in our country.  
(e) These drivers think that traffic rules 
(v) many drivers are driving on the road.

(a+iv) Reckless driving has become a common affair in our country.
(b+v) Without training many drivers are driving in the road.
(c+i) A group of corrupt employees of BRTC give them license without any training.
(d+ii) This invalid license give death license of many innocent people.
(e+iii) These drivers think that traffic rules are the mere rules writing in the page.
7. Put the following parts of the story in correct order to
Rewrite the whole story.
(a) He had a wife who used to lose temper on the slightest excuse.
(b) Suddenly she poured much water over him.
(c) One day she tried her best to irritate Socrates.
(d) The wife found that her husband was not paying the least heed to her word and went upto him with a bucket full of water.
(e) The passers-by on the road started laughing and Socrates also joined their laughter.
(f) Socrates went outside and sat on the doorstep of his residence looking out on the street.
(g) He quietly remarked, “I was expecting this. I know that after thunder comes rain.”
(h) Socrates believed that an angry man was more of a beast than a human being.



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