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SSC English Second Paper Sylhet Board 2017

                          SSC English  Second Paper

Sylhet Board 2017

    1.  Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.
(forward) (at) (up) (in) (move) (a) (for) (the) (number)
Traffic jam is (a) ­­­­­­______ problem in all towns and cities (b­­­­­)______ Bangladesh. It occurs where a (c) ­­­­­­______ of vehicles crowd so close that (d)­­­­­­______ becomes impossible (e) ­­­­­­______ sometime. It is more common where (f) ­­­­­­______ streets are narrow and have many bends. Weak traffic control system is also largely responsible (g) ­­­­­­______ it. It is very annoying and time killing. When caught in a traffic jam we simply get stuck (h) ­­­­­­______ at one place. We can neither move (i) ______      nor backward. We have to wait and look repeatedly (j) ­­­­­­______ our watch.

Answer: 1
(a) a (b) in (c) number (d) movement (e)for (f) t(a(he(g)for(h)up(i)forward(j)at

2.Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Trees bear a great impact (a) ­­­­­­______ the climate. If we destroy trees (b) ­­­­­­______ random one day the country will turn (c) ­­­­­­______ a great desrt.The country will bear the consequnces of greenhouse (d) ­­­­­­______ again there will be no rain and as a result the country will face a great crisis because ours is (e) ­­­­­­______ agricultural country and our economy is dependent on (f) ­­­­­­______ again our agriculture (g) ­­­­­­______ on rain .So trees have a (h) ­­­­­­______ effect on our climate.Trees leep the soil strong .Trees save us (i) ­­­­­­______ flood and many other natural(j) ­­­­­­______ .

Answer: 2
(a)       on (b) at (c) number (d) effect (e) an (f) agriculture (g) depend s(h) great (i) from (j) calamities

3. Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each
     column of the table below.    

Almost all us
One needs to
One s ambition
Can never be
To be competitive too.

Successful in life if one sits idly.

A particular ambition.
Hard to materialize any ambition.
A desire to achieve something.

Answer: 3
 (a)Ambition means a desire to achieve something.
 (b)Almost all of us cherish a particular ambition.
 (c)one needs to work hard to materialize any ambition.
 (d)One s ambition needs to be competitive too.
 (e)One can never be successful in life one sits idly.

4.Complete the following text with right form of the
   verbs given in the box.

(get) (be) (refresh) (enjoy) (take) (reap) (walk) (avail) (keep) (do)

A walk be the riverside in the evening (a) ­­­­­­______ a very useful and pleasant. on (b) ­­­­­­______ not only beautiful sight but also (c) ­­­­­­______      fresh air. It (d) ­­­­­­______ the mind when one (e) ­­­­­­______ a walk by the riverside. Bangladesh is a scrivener country and you can (f) ­­­­­­______ yourself of this opportunity of (g) ­­­­­­______ by the riverside. In the cities there are parks where you can go for a walk. This will help you (h) ­­­­­­______ fit. But if you (i) ­­­­­­______ it regularly you will not be able to (j) ­­­­­­______ the befits.

Answer: 4
(a) is (b) enjoy (c) gets (d) refreshes (e) takes (f) avail (g) walking (h) keep (i) do not do (j) reap

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.

What are you doing now Rashed?” Isaid “. Iam watching an interesting program on television. Aren t you wasting your time?”  “No. Idon’t think so”. he said.Remember.too much watching of TVmakes people lazy.”

Iasked Rashed what he was doing then Rashed said htat he was watching an interesting program on television. Iasked him if he was not wasting his time. Rashed replied in the negative and said that he did not think so. I told him remember that too much watching of Tv makes people lazy.

6. Change the sentences according to directions.

(a)   We should read books to gain knowledge. (Maks it a
       complex sentence)
(a)         Books introduce us to the realm of knowledge.9Make
       it passive)
(b)         The books of great writers contin noble thoughts and
        great ideas. (Make it an interrogative sentence)
(c)         If we read books we can enrich our minds. (Make it a
       simple sentence)
(e)   Books are the greatest friends. (Make it positive)
(f)    They give us both knowledge and pleasure. (M, ake
(g)  As they are our real friends they remain with us in
       time of danger. (Make it a compound sentence)
(h)  Some books are very interesting. (M)ake it an
       exclamatory sentence)

 (i) Wecan build up a developed society by reading books.    (Make it a complex sentence)
(j) Nothing but books can removethe darkness of ignorance.aks it an (Maksit   affirmative sentence)

Answer: 6
(a) We should read books so that we can. may gain knowledge.
(b) We are introduced to the realm of knowledge by books.
(c) Don t the books of great writers contain noble thoughts and great ideas?
(d) By reading bools we can enrich our minds.
(e) No either friends are as great as books.
(f) They give us not only knowledge but also
(g) They are our real friends and they remain with us
      in time of danger.
(h) How interesting some books are.
(i) If we read books we can build up a developed
 (j) Only books can remove the darkness of

7.Complete the sentences.

(a)Cricket is a game. 
(b)Boys and girls of our country.
(c)Though crcket is a costly game.
(d)Bangladesh is a test playing country.
(e)to upgrade the standard.

Answer: 7
(a)      Cricket is a game ehich attracts all classes of people.
(b) Boys and girls of our country are very much fond of cricket.
(c) Though cricket is a costly game game it is liked
      by all.
 (d) Bangladesh is a test playing country, but its
      standard is not high.
  (e) It is essential to upgrade the standard.

8.Complete the text adding suffixes

Food (a) adulterate is a crime. Adulterated food is (b) poison and causes (c) curable diseases. Some (d)greed businessmen are responsible for this (e) wicked. The steps so far taken by the government   against   those (f) honest businessmen (g) real deserve praise. (h) present the fraudulent businessmen are much alarmed. (i) Hopeful we    will be able to shun this (j) practice very soon.

Answer: 8

(a)      adulteration (b) poisonous (c) incurable (d) greedy (e) wickedness (f) dishonest (g) really (h) presently (i) Hopefully (j) malpractice 

9.Make tag questions of these statements.

(a)Mina is having a birthday partying the after noon    ?
(b)Yes she s been busy cleaning and dusting the drawing room     ?
(c)Yesterday her father bought her a lovely dress    ?
(d)And her mother wants to give her a plesant surprise    ?
(e)Let s buy a nice giftfor her    ?

(a) Mina is having a birthday party in the afternoon isn’ t she?
(b) Yes,she ‘s been busy cleaning and dusting the drawing room,hasn’t she?
(c) Yesterday her father bought her a lovely dress,didn’t he?

(d) And her mother wants to give her a plesant surprise doesn t she?
(e) Let s buy a nice gift for her shall we?

10.Complete the passage using suitable connectors.

None can deny the importance of tree plantation (a)     our lives on earth directly or indirectly depend on it.(b)    it is a matter of sorrow that we are cutting down trees indiscriminately.(c)     trees are planted soon our country will turn into desert (d)    there will be an adverse change in the climate.(e)      we should plant more and more trees for our own sake.

(a)because(b)But (c)Unless(d)and (e)So..Therefore

11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

Why don t you attend classes regularly the teacher said to the boy you cannot expect good result unless you attend classes be regular in class.

Why don t you attend classes regularly  ? the teacher said to the boy.”You cannot expect good result unless you attend classes.Be regular in class.”


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