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SSC English Second Paper Chittagong Board 2017

                       SSC English  Second Paper    
                          Chittagong Board 2017

   1.  Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.  (between)      (saying) (physical) (of) (an) (personality) (for)                        (participation) (beneficial) (on)

Sports are very essential (a) _____ us. There are various  types (b) _____   sports. Among them cricket. Football volleyball etc are very popular. All types of sports are (c) _____ to us. There is a relation (d) _____      the body and the mind. A sound mind in a sound body is a wise (e) _____   In order to win success in life we should have sound health which depends (f) _____     regular (g) _____   in games and sports. Sports keep us (h) _____        fit. Sport exercise is (i) _____   important influence in forming one s (j) _____  
   Answer: 1.

       (a)      for (b) of (c) beneficial (d) between (e) saying (f)on (g) participation (h) physically (i) an (j) personality

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
A man of (a) ------      is respected always (b) ------    after his death for his (c) ------     He is an (d) ------      person who devotes himself with a view to (e) ------      education in the society. He always (f) ------    people how to (g) -----between right and wrong. (h) ------     fact he is the authentic person (i) ------     the world should (j) ------. 

 Answer: 2.

  (a) letters (b) even (c) wisdom (d) intellectual (e)     speeding (f) teaches (g) distinguish (h) In (i) whom (j)     remember

3.Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.

A sincere man
The great people
Thepeople of our country
Indifferent to the importance of sincerity.
Not aware of it s importance.
Also sincere to their work.
Agreat virtue.

 Answer: 3.
(i)Sincerity is a great virtue.
(ii)Asincere man works properly.
(iii)The great people are also sincere to the work.
(iv)The people of our country are indifferent the
(v)They are not aware of its importance.

4. Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs      given in the box.
(have) (think) (try) (be) (buy) (reqire) (face) (cheat).   
price hike of household products (a)_____ now a problem for us. Everyday we (b) _____       it. Most of our people (c) _____     low incomeb are in danger. They (d)     of purchasing meat and fish as they (e) _____. Thhe piece of vegetables is also high. We are to bargain (g) _____. There (h) _____      a fixed price for every thing. Then it (i) _____    possible to make the buyers free from harassment. Government (j) _____     to fulfil our expectation.  

Answer: 4.
   (a)is (b)face(c)having(d)can t think (e)require (f)to
    buy (g)are cheated (h)should be (i)will be (j)is    

  5. Change the narrative style of the following text.
  How lovely the doll is I ll buy it: said Mona. No:it is not       durable. Tomorrow well visit another village fair. Then         you can buy another doll. Let s go now: said mother.                    You must buy me a good doll: said Mona. Yes: replied            mother

Answer: 5.
 Mona exclaimed with wonder that the doll was    very   lovely. She also added that she would buy it. Mona s   mother replied in the negative that it was not durable.   She also added that they would visit another village   fair the next day. Then they could buy another   doll.  She  proposed that they should go then. Mona   told her mother that she had to buy her a good doll.   Mona s mother replied in the affirmative.

 6.Change the sentences according to directions.

(a)Who does not want to succeed in life (Assertive)?

(b)It is not an easy thing (Affirmative).

(c)   Being industrious everyone can prosper in life. (Negative)

(d)The idle always lag behind. (Complex)

(e)We must work hard so that we can earn money. (Simple)

(f)By working hard we can improve our lot. (Compound)

(g)The light of prosperity can be seen by a hard working person. (Active)

(h)Women shloud work as much as men. (comparative)

(i)We should remember that industry is the key to success. (passive)

(j)An idle man leads a very miserable life. (Exclamatory)

(a)Everybody wants to succeed in life.
   (b)It is a difficult thing.
   (c)Without being industrious no one can prosper in           life.
   (d)The people who are idle always lag behind.
   (e)We must work hard to earn money.
   (f)We work hard and can improve our lot.
   (g)A hard working person can see the light of                      prosperity.

7.Complete the sentences.
(a) He pretends as if.
(b) It is high time.
(c) Wlk slowly lest.
(d) Cannot succeed.
(e) Had Iseen you before.

Answer: 7
(a) He pretends as if he were a mad.
(b) It is high time we went to our village.
(c) Walk slowly lest you should fall down.
(d) If you don t read attentively you cannot succeed.
(e) Had I seen you before I would have informed

8 Complete the root words given prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis.

(a) ____ kind is a divine virtue. So should not be
 (b)____ kind to the people in distress and even to (c)____ low animals. Some naughty boys (d)____ joy beating the lower animals like dogs and cats. This is an (e)____ rational behavior. Animals are dumb (f) ____create. They are (g) ____harm beings Some animals are very (h) ____faith and they feel no (i)____ hesitate to risk their lives for our (j)____ protect.

Answer: 8
(a)      Kindness  (b) unkind  (c) lower (d) enjoy (e) irrational (f) creature (g) harmless (h) faithful (i) hesitation (j) protection

9. Make tag questions of these starements.

(a) Fishes can swim, ______?
(b) Once our rivers abounded with fishes, ______?
(c) But at presen the water of most of the rivers has
      been polluted, ______?
(d) So there is scarcity of fish, ______?
(e) We must take measure to portect the rivers from
       being polluted, ______?

Answer: 9

(a) Fishes can swim can t they?
(b) Once us rives abounded with fishes didn t they?
(c) But at present the eater of most of the rivers has                   
     been polluted hasn’t it?
(d) So there is scarcity of fish isn t there?
(e) We must take measures to protect the rives from
     being polluted must n't we?

10. Complete the passage using suitably day by day 

(a)_____________ deforestation. We cut down trees. (b)_____________     never think of planting more trees. (c) _____________human and other living beings are in the threat of extinction. Time is coming (d) _____________ there will be not tree left for us. (e) _____________we have to face bitter consequence of deforestation.

Answer: 10

(a)because of …on account of (b) but (c) As a result (d) when (e) As a result ..In the long run 

11.Use capital and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

Thomas lava Edison a great scientist was born in 1847 in 
hio america as a little boy he was very inquisitive he always wanted to know how things were done very early in life he showed that he was full of curiosity a quality which is so important to inventors.

Answer: 11
Thomas Alva Edison a great scientist was born in 1847 in Ohio America.As a little boy he was very inquisitive. He always wanted to know how things were done. Very early in life he showed that he was full of curiosity a quality which is so important to inventors.


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