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SSC English Second Paper Barisal Board 2016

                   SSC English  Second Paper

Barisal Board 2016

    1.  Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.
      (modern) (great) (to ) (of) (read) (give) (the) (do)
   The benefits of (a)….newspapers can hardly be exaggerated. Newspaper is (b)…storehouse of knowledge.The chief business (c)….a newspaper is to (d)….us news which we need (e)….know. It tells us what happens at home and abroad. The (f)….vitalized people cannot (g)….without newspaper.Newspaper plays an important role in the lives (h)…a nation .It makes the world smaller and provides a (i)…benefit (j)…us.
   Answer: 1
    (a)reading (b)the (c)of (d)give(e) to (f)modern (g)do(h)of(i)great(j)to 

   1.  Fill in the blanks with suitable words.
    Punctuality is of (a)….value to a student. Anun punctual (b)…..who is (c)…. In the class will miss a part of his her lesson and (d)….lag behind.But (e)….punctual student will learn his her lesson in time and do (f)….in the examination punctuality is (g)….key (h)….success.We all(i)…be punctual (j)….our day to day life.
    Answer: 2
   (a)great (b)student (c)late (d)eventually (e)a (f)well(g)the (h)to(i)should(j)in

   3.Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.

    If character

    A man without charter.

    A mental or moral nature.
    every things lost.
    The crown of a   man.
    One s character.

   Answer: 3
   (i)Character is the crown of a man.
   (ii)It is a mental or moral nature.
   (iii)If character is lost everything is lost.
   (iv)Everybody hates a man without character.
   (v)Environment influences ones charter.

    4.Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box. 
    The other name of water is life.We cannot (a)….a single moment without it Water is (b)…..not only for drinking purposes but also for household works and industrial works.Water becomes (c)….in many ways.the mills and factories pollute water by (d))….waste into it.Water (e)….polluted by chemicals and different elements.Sometimes people (f)….from many diseases.We should (g)….very careful about it .We must (h)….for safe source of drinking water.Otherwise we must (i)….in danger. lutes (j)…water from pollution.
    Answer: 4
    (a)do(b) used(C)polluted (d)throwing (e)is (f)suffer (g)be(h)look(i)fall (j)save

   5.Change the narrative style of the following text.
   Mrs Nasima said to her student. I heard the news of your illness yesterday.How are you now?I feel a bit well today madam replied the student.Don t worry.You will come round soon :said Mrs. Nasima.

   Answer: 5
   Mrs Nasima told her student that she had heard the news of his lioness the previous day.She asked him how he was then .The student replied respectfully that he felt a bit well that by. Mrs Nasima told him not to worry and added that he would come round soon.
    6.Change the sentences according to directions.
  (a)Bangiadesh is a low lying country.(Make interrogative)
  (b)Every year natural disasters visit us .(Make passive voice)
  (c)Flood is one of the most dangerous natural disasters..(Use comparative degree)
  (d)It Dhaka city which has not yet suffered any severe earthquake.(Make simple sentence)
  (e)People living in the high land can escape flood.(Make complex sentence)
  (f)Crops are damaged by this flood.(Make assertive sentence)
  (g)Who does not know the consequence of Tsunami?(Make assertive sentence)
  (h)The recent flood was very devastating .(Make exclamatory sentence)
  (i)Bangladesh is in the active earthquake zone.(Make negative )
  (J)Dhaka is the most risky city in the earthquake zone .(Use positive degree)

Answer: 6
   (a)Isn't Bangladesh a low lying country?
   (b)Every year we are visited by natural disasters.
   (c)Flood is more dangerous than mote other natural disasters.
   (d)Dhaka city has not yet suffered any severe earthquake.
   (e)people who live in the high land can escape flood.
   (f)This flood damages crops.
   (g)Everybody knows the consequence of Tsunami .
   (h)How devastating the recent flood was .
   (i)Bangladesh is not in the inactive earthquake zone.
   (j)No other city in the earthquake zone is as risky as Dhaka.
   7. Complete the sentences.
   (a)Five years have passed since …… .
   (b)It is a matter of sorrow that ….
(c)I tried to write to you but …..
    (d)In fact we all are always…..
    (e)We hope that we…..
   Answer: 7
  (a)Five years have passed since we wrote to each other.
  (b)It is a matter of sorrow that you didn't respond to         my last letter.
  (c)I tried to write to you but could not manage time.
  (d)In fact we all are always busy with our own interest.
  (e)We hope that we will meet soon.
  8.Complete the text adding suffixes prefixes or the both with the root words given in the parenthesis..
  (a)Smoking produces (a)….(danger)…effects on man .By smoking a man incurs both physical and (b)….(economy)…loss.Smoking is a kind of (c)….(addict)…Those who become (d)….(addict)…to drug first begin smoking which is the initial step of addiction. We should raise (e)…(aware)…among our people .We should (f)…(courage)…others to smoke.It is (g)….(possible)…to stop smoking without (h)…(unite)…efforts. (i)….(fortunate)…only the (j)….(wise)… men can do such foolish work.

    Answer: 8
   (a)dangerous (b)economical (c)addiction (d)addicted (e)awareness (f)discourage (g)impossible (h)united (i)Unfortunately (j)unwise 
    9.Make tag questions of these statements.
   (a)We see that Masum has little knowledge about games and sports…..? 
   (b)Let s talk to him….?
   (c)We think he doesn t know how to play tennis….?
   (d)Everybody praises an all rounder ….?  
   (e)Though he is a good student he is lazy…?

   Answer: 9
  (a)We see that Masum has little knowledge about games and sports has he?
  (b)Let s talk to him shall we?
   (c)We think he doesn't know how to play tennis does he?
   (d)Everybody praises an all rounder don t they?
   (e)Though he is a good student he is lazy isn't he?
   10.Complete the passage using suitable connectors. 
    A hare is a very speedy animal(a)…. Tortoise moves very slowly .(b)….it has a heavy shell on it s back.(c)….it s legs are short.(d)… cannot move as fast as other animals.One morning a hare laughed at a tortoise for it s slow motion .The hare asked the tortoise to run race.(e)….the tortoise felt hurt it agreed to the proposal of the hare.

   Answer: 10
   (a)on the contrary on the other hand (b)Firstly First of all (c)Secondly (d)So As a result (e)since As 

    11.Use capitals and counctuation marks where necessary in the following text.
   was born in a village near tangail a small river flows beside the village the villagers bathe in the river and catch fish how happy they are what they want is peace.

    Answer: 11
    I was born in a village near Tangail. As mall river flows beside the village .The villagers bathe in the river and catch fish.How happy they are What they want is peace.


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