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SSC English Second Paper Rajshahi Board.2017

SSC English  Second Paper
Rajshahi Board.2017

.         1. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box you may need to change the forms of some of the words you may need to use one word more than once.

[ numerous] [early ] [suitable] [ages ] [the ][maintain ] [make ] [moreover] [fresh ] [a ].
Morning walk is an exercise. (a)……. for the people of all (b) ………. It gives us (c ) ……….benefit. (d) …….   people who wake up (e) ……….  and go out for (f)   wallk ccan enjoy  (g) ………. morning air.  this exercise helps them (i) …….    good health. Again they can (j) ……….  a good start of their work.
   (a)the (b) life (c) when (d) for
   (e) sow (f)t he (g) in (h) reap (i) a (j) of                     

2. Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

Man is the (a) ……of his own fate. If he makes a proper (b) ………. Of timeabd does his duties (e) ……….  he is sureto improve and (d) ……….    in life. But if he does not (e) ……….  it he is sure to (f) ………. Then he will be (g) ………. to drag a miserable (h) ………. to spoil time is (i) ………. for a person or our life is nothing (j) ………. the sum total of hours’ days and years.


(a) gift (b) like (c) single (d) of (e) the (f) an (g) change (h) blind (i) the (j) curable

 3. From each column of the table below.

Kazi Nazrul

was born
is known
as a rebel poet.
almost all branches of literature.
in a small village in India .
our freedom fighters.
our national poet.

   (a)The Taj stands at Agra in India.
  (b)It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
  (c)Emperor Shahjahan built it as tomb for his wife.
  (d)people like it most on a moonlit night.
(e)Everybody wants to see the Taj Mahal.

4.  Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.
(speak) (enable) (live) (see) (be) (choose) (give) (fail) (suffer) (take)
There are several reasons why friendship (a)….  so necessary in human life. Aman without. A friend is like a man (b)…… in wilderness. Moreover, it (c)…….    him to understand his surrounding in a better wa. By (d) …… to a friend a man can get relief. The advice (e)……. by a friend is sometimes more reliable than his own judgement. Thus it is (f)……    that friendship is really important. But a man must (g)……. time while (h)……. a friend. If he (i)………to select the right person as a friend he (h)….    in the long run.


(a)confined (b)are (c)developing (d)adapting(e)receiving(f)becoming (g)working (h)are(i)contribute(j)keeping

5. Change the narrative style of the following text.
My mother sad Won t you go to school today Isaid Mother Ifeel feverish toda. I don t want to go to school ok take rest should be more careful about your health said mother.

Answer: 5
  Addressing Konica the teacher asked her if she       (k)had done her English lesson that day.She replied   respectfully in the affirmative and added that she(K)understand the point. she (K)smilingly thanked him (t)with respect.

6. Change the sentences according to directions.
(a) My friend invited me to pay a visit to cox s Bazar. (b) I was very glad. (Make negative sentence)
(C) Iaccepted the invitation.(Use passive voice )
(d) When Ireached there my friend received me cordially. (Make simple sentence )
(e) Iwas very wxcited to see the sea beach.( Make exclamatory sentene )
(f) It is the largest sea beach in the world .(Use positive degree)
(g) It is one of the most beautiful sea beaches in the world. (Use comparative degree)
(h) It is called the pleasure seekers paradise (Use active voice)
(j) Every year a lot of people come to visit it. (Make compound sentence)
(j) If I could visit the sea beach (Make assertive sentence)

(a)Isn t a flower a glowing gift of nature?
(b)It is the symbol of love and beauty.
(c)We /people use flowers on different occasions.
(d)Flower is presented to our nearest and dearest persons by us.
(e)We need flowers so that we can decorate a place.
(f)No other flower is as good as the rose.
(g)It has sweet scent and beauty and so we love it very much.
(h)It is the loveliest of all flowers.
(i)What a nice floer the rose is
(j)With the increase of demand for flowers day by day we should cultivate flower no commercial basis.

7. Complete the sentences.
(a) Books are our best friends because      .
(b) A man who reads books regularly        .
(c) By reading books     .
(d) We can learn moral values     .
(e) We should inspire the students    .

(a)If you do not waste your time you will surely succeed in life .
(b)This is the boy who saved the life of an old man.
(c)I wish I were a child.
(d)United we stand divided we fall.
(e)The boy is so weak in mathematics that he cannot pass any exam.

8. Complete the text adding suffixes prefixes or the
Both with the root words given in the parenthesis.

Early rising is the habit of (a)……… (get) up from bed early in the morning. An early (b)………. (rise) can enjoy the (c)….   (fresh) of the morning air. He can hear the (d)….    (melody) songs of the birds. Again he can start his day s work (e)….   (early) than others. An early riser does not suffer from (f)…… (physic) problems very often .so he need not go to any (g)……. (frequent). Thus an early riser enjoys (i)……… (vary) benefits and leads a (j) …….. (peace) life.

(a) happiness (b) absolutely (c) psychological
(d) feeling (e) contentment (f) satisfaction (g) really (h) worldly (i) eternally (j) dignified

9. Make tag questions of these statements.

(a) Patriotism is a great virtue,
(b) Every religion teaches us to be patriot,   
(c) We all must remember that the country is 
      above everything,                          
(d) Why some people forget it is really a question,
    (e) We hope that nobody will derail from the right path,

(a) Patriotism is a great virtue, isn't it?
(b) Every religion teaches us to be patriot, don't they?   
(c) We all must remember that the country is 
      above everything, mustn't we?                         
(d) Why some people forget it is really a question, isn't it?
    (e) We hope that nobody will derail from the right path,     
         won't they?

   (10) Complete the passage using suitable connectors.

Ripa is a student of class ten. (a) …….. she is meritorious (b) ........ she never takes pride in her merit. She is helpful to all. (c) ……. any weak student comes to her with any problem she tries to help him. She is simple in behavior (d) …….. strict in principle. (e) …….. everyone loves her.


(a)Although/Though (b)yet (c) If (d) then( e) Hence

(11) Use capitals and punctuation marks where necessary in the following text.

the teacher said to me dont you like to practice english its an important subject and you should be more careful about it


The teacher said to the boy, “Where are you going now?” I am going to school,” said the boy. Did you go to school yesterday?” "No," the boy replied. Why did you not go?" I was suffering from fever,” said the boy.


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