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SSC English Second Paper Jessore Board 2017

SSC English Second Paper
Jessore Board 2017
    1.  Fill in the blanks with the words

(repent) (in) (the) (to) (a) (sure) (do) (make) (life)
Man is the (a)....... of his own fate If he makes (b) .......      proper division of his tme and (c) ....... his duties accordingly he will (d) .......  imorove abd prosper (e) ....... life. But if he does otherwise he is sure (f) .......      suffen it is too late. To waste time is as bad as to commit suicide. In fact, our (g) ....... is nothing nut the sum total (h) ....... hours days and years. If we waste (i)      morning hours of life we shall have to (j) .......   afterwards.

Answer: 1
(a) a (b) a (c) of (d) gets (e) of (f) with (g) in (h) the (i) fear (j) the

   2.  Fill in the blanks with suitable words.

A great (a) ....... of people speak English allover (b) .......   world. Some people use (c) .......  on English to communicate with offices in different (f) ....... Their advertisements published (g) ....... different newspaers are in English. Ttey also want people who possedd a good (h) ....... over English. One (J) ....... knowing English.

Answer: 2
(a) follow (b) from (c) a (d) the (e) in (d) for (g) mental (h) the (i) of (j) important/essential

   3.  Make five sentences using parts of sentences from each column of the table below.



Strong attraction for any harmful thing.
Not onlya national but also a global problem.
Used for intoxicating and stimulating effects.
Grasped the younggeneration of the country.
Taken by smoking or through injection.

Answer: 3
(i) paper is the part and parcelof modern civilization.
(ii) It is the most useful gift of human skill.
(iii) It is our best daily companion.
(iv) We cannot do for a moment without paper.
(v) Some believe that the Egyptians made paper first.

   4.  Complete the following text with right forms of the verbs given in the box.

(tremble) (say) (ask) (have (come) (cross) (drown) (begin)
    (know) (be)
One day a scholar (a)…… a river with a boat. suddenly a ghastly wind (b)…… to blow. The scholar (c)      with fear. The boatman (d)…… him if he (e) …….. how to swim. The answer from the scholar (f) …… negative. Then the boatman (g)…… very soon you are going to (h)……. You (i) …….  a lot of knowledge but it (j)……. to   ues at this moment.  

Answer: 4
(a) rains (b) seen (c) go (d) stands (e) become (f) remain (g) causing (h) not ply (i) know (j) taken

5.Change the narrative styl of the following text.
why didyou not go to schoolyestrday rimu Asked the mother i was ill mum How are you today Well answered the girlDon tworry for me.

Answer: 5

The teacher asked the student if he (s) had prepared 
his lesson that day. The student respectfully replied in the negative. The teacher asked him (s) why he (s) had not prepared his lesson. The student said that he had been suffering from headache the previous 

6. Change the sentences according to directions.

(a) Strategy is the most important thing in the examination. (Comparative)

(b) Any answer in the exam should not be elaborated. (Active)

(c) When he gets the question paper he should read it carefully. (simple)

(d) At first glance the questions may seem difficult.

(e) A student should attempts to answer all the questions
     to get good marks. (Complex)

(f) If an examiner answers all the questions the
     examiner becomes glad to see that. (Simple)

(g) But it is better than not answering at all. (positive)

(h) It is really sensible. (Exclamatory)

(i) The examiner should not waste time by doing it.

 (j) Without following this process you cannot bring a
     good result in an examination. (Cooompound)

(a) No there man in this sub _continent was as         generous  as Haji Muhammad Muhsin.

(b)It was he who was born inHoogly. /It is Hoogly where he was born.

(c) Didn't he inherits a vast property f room his father and sister?

(d) His wealth was not misused by him.

(e)people call him the friend of humanity.

(f) He was unmarried. /He was a bachelor.

(g) During his lifetime he spent money lavishly so
      that he could help the poor.

(h) He was very kind and so he could not refuse

(i) one night during his prayer time a thief broke into
    his room.
(j) Though he caught the thief he did not punish him.

7.Complete the sentences.

(a) Five years have passed since      .

(b) Hardly had the assembly begun     .

(c) lest you should miss the plane     .

(d) Danger often comes      .

(e) The lady speaks as if     .

Answer: 7
(a)      No sooner had I reached home than the rain
    (b) He was so lazy that he could not move.
    (c) It is health which is wealth.
    (d) He succeeded though he was lazy .
    (e) As our elders love us so we also should love

8. Complete the text adding suffixes prefixes or the 

both with the root words given in the parenthesis.

You should bear in mind that (a)……. (confidence) assists a man to reach the goal of life. The lack of (b)……… (determine) keads one to lose the confidence. You need it in order to (c)……. (come) the problems of life. Fix a target and then try (d) ………     (sincere) to gain success. Don’t lose heart if you fail. Remember that (e) …….. (fail) is the pillar of succss. Whereas success without (f)……… (complete) is not enjoyable. Determination keeps you (g) ……….       (mental) strong and make (h) ………. (prepare) for struggling to reach the goal. Nobody can ne (i) ……… (success) in his mission. Failure makes him more (j) …….. (determine) to work hard.

Answer: 8
(a) freedom (b) warrior (c) independence (d) dearer (e) willingly (f) mighty (g) mainly (h) fighter (i) unknown (j) disappeared

9. Make tag question of these statements.
(a) The freedom fighters are the real heroes      ?
(b) Nothing is greater than their sacrrrifice        ?
(c) Their   contribution for our country  will always be
     remembered      ?
(d)We should never neglect them     ?
(e)Every citizen of Bangldesh must have respect for   
     them        ?

Answer: 9
(a) Iam sorry Ramit Iam very late aren t I?
(b) There was a traffic jam wasn t there?
(c) The train is late isn’t it?
(d) Then have a cup of tea will you?
(e) Yes let s go the canteen shall we?

10. Complete the passage with suitable connectors.

Trees are very important (a) ……. they produce oxygen (b) ……… is a must for man and all living beings. We must realize (c) ……… they help us in many ways (d)  …….. trees are less in number there will be an increased amount of carbon dioxide in the   at atmosphere (e) ……….  it will enhance greenhouse effect.

Answer: 10
(a) Other wise (b) Moreover (c) For instance (d) so (e) However

11.Use capitals and punctuation marks where 

necessary in the following text.

My sons listen to me said rahman an old farmer a great treasure lies hidden in the land there iam going to leave it for you the sons asked how shall we find it.

Answer: 11
The king said “What harm did I do then that you dhould seek to take my life with your own hand?” You killed my father and my two brothers.”the young man replied.


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